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Assortment of Supplies & Spare Parts

Alarm Bells

Alligator Clips

Angle Grinder

Antenna Cable Insulators

Antenna Copper Wire

Armoured Marine Cable

Avo Meters


Banana Pin Plugs

Battery Chargers

Battery Hydrometers

Battery Syringes

Bed Lamps


Boat Deck Lights

Bottle Fuse

Cabin Receptacles

Cable Clips

Cable Enclosures

Cable Markers

Cable Shoe Pliers

Cable Shoes

Cable Staples

Cable Terminal Lugs

Cable Trays

Cargo Lights

CEEFORM Wiring Accessories

Cello-Lite, Type NC

Chart Table Lights

Circle Fluorescents

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Testers

Circular Saw

Clamp Meters

Coffee Machine

Coloured Lamps

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Cordless Soldering Iron Sets

CRC 2-26

CRC Contact Cleaner QD

CRC Duster

CRC Electrical Industrial Formula

CRC Insulation Varnish – Clear

CRC Insulation Varnish – Red

CRC Lectra Clean II

CRC Smoke Detector Spray

CRC Zinc

Daylight Signaling Lamps

Desoldering Gun

Detecting Instruments

Diazed Fuse

Digital Multi Tester




Electric Horns

Electric Insulation Rubber Gloves

Electric Sleeve Tubing – Empire

Electric Sleeve Tubing – Glass

Electric Sleeve Tubing – Heat Shrink

Electric Sleeve Tubing – PVC

Electric Soldering Irons

European Brass Lampholder

Ex Proof Alarm Bells

Ex Proof Fluorescent Fixtures

Ex Proof Handlamp

Ex Proof Mercury Vapour Floodlights

Exhaust Thermometers

Extension Cord Reels

Fan Heater

Finding Pastes

Flame Detector

Flanged Type

Fluorescent Fixtures

Fluorescent Handlamps

Fluorescent Lampholders

Fluorescent Lamps

Fuse Link Handle

Fuse Pullers

Fuse UC-1

Fuse Wire

Germicidal Lamps

Glass Tube Fuses

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Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauges




Halogen Floodlights

Halogen Lampholders

Halogen Lamps

Hand Mixer

Heat Detector Tester

Heat Gun

High Pressure Sodium Floodlights

High Pressure Sodium Lamps

Hot Plates

Incandescent Lamps

Industrial Cylindrical Fuse

Industrial Flashlights

Industrial Thermometers

Insulation Putty

Insulation Tapes – Cotton

Insulation Tapes – Empire

Insulation Tapes – Mica

Insulation Tapes – PVC

Insulation Tapes – Rubber

Insulation Tester

Japanese Watertight Wiring Accessories

Jig Saw


Knife Blade Fuse, TypeNH

Lamp Fittings


LED Flashlights

LED Lamps

Marine Alarm Buzzers

Marine Projectors

Marine Watertight Pendant Lights

Marine Watertight Wall Lights

Meat Slicer

Megaphones & Loud Speakers

Mercury Lamps

Mercury Reflector Fixtures

Multiway Receptacles

Navigation Fixtures

Navigation Lamps

Navigation Panels

Non-Watertight Flat Pin Wiring Accessories

Non-Watertight Round Pin Wiring Accessories

Non-Watertight Switch

Parallel Cable

Pilot Lamps

Plastic Cable Bands

Plug Adaptors

Porcelain Lampholders

Pressure Calibrator

Push Button Switches

PVC Cable

PVC Separable Terminal Strips

Radio-Frequency Cable

Reflector Lamps

Refrigerant Compound Gauge


Remote Reading Thermometers

Replacement Bulbs

Replacement Glass Globes

Replacement Lamps

Resin Cored Soldering Wire

Rotary Switches

Rotary Warning Lights

Rubber and Glass Cloth Cable

Rubber Cabtyre

Safety Flashlights

Self-Limiting Parallel Circuit Heaters, Auto Trace

Smoke Detector Spray

Smoke Detector Tester

Snap Switch

Socket Adaptors

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaners

Soldering Paste

Suez Canal

Temperature Calibrator

Terminal Boards

Thermo Pots


Toggle Switch

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230/400/440/480V sec. 2x9/12/14V 100VA

Ullage / Sounding Tapes

Unarmoured Marine Cable

Universal Table Lights

USCG Standard Wiring Accessories

Washing Machines

Watertight Cable Connectors

Watertight Cable Glands

Watertight Handlamps

Watertight HNA Wiring Accessories

Watertight Joint Boxes

Watertight Passage Lights

Watertight Schuko Wiring Accessories

Welding Cable Connectors

Welding Cables

Xenon Lamps

Xenon Searchlights

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